Treatment For

Mental Health

Upon beginning the OHC day program, each client works with our Clinical Director and Case Manager to identify the root causes of an individual’s challenges.  Through our assessment process, our experts design a program to confront each individual’s challenges and recommend modalities and activities to heal and recover. The key areas the Olympus Healing Center’s professionals work with:


Olympus healing clinic has a professional and experienced Medical staff that provides medication management, medical assisted treatment, telehealth services, and wellness checks for our outpatient clients.


Individuals who have addictions or substance use disorders can be more inclined to cause problems to their physical health, relationships, and work. With constant use of substances the brain begins to wire differently and creates distorted thinking patterns that can negatively affect their behavior, judgment, decision making, and memory. Causes of addiction are genetics, environmental factors, and mental health. Our facility has innovative programs to help individuals recover for a lifetime.

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