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Your Recovery Lifestyle will include changes on many levels. It often may sound scary and overwhelming, but don’t give up. Small steps to every shift lead to success. Understanding that there are different parts to a successful lifestyle will help. Most people think that the most important things to focus on happenings in the lives people around us see – who our friends are and how we behave in public. Of course, behaviors are essential in choosing a successful recovery lifestyle. But there are other actions to think about.

We can run around all day doing the right things and still not feel good. If our hearts and our heads are not in it, it doesn’t mean very much. An excellent recovery lifestyle starts with our feelings and thoughts.

The Right Kind of Head Games for your Recovery lifestyleRecovery Lifestyle

Feelings lead to thoughts, and thoughts lead to actions. That’s a lot to take in, but let’s think about it for a minute. Addiction was a way of life that brought moments of comfort and inclusion. A recovery lifestyle means the end of that way of life. The way you lived was familiar. Maybe there is a need to grieve the loss of the person you were, the old life.  It is essential but can be handled gently without leading to relapse.

However, even if there is a relapse, a healthy lifestyle allows you to see this not as a complete failure. Heart disease, cancer, and other chronic disease patients live a recovery lifestyle that sometimes includes relapses. It is crucial to view addiction in the same way. When relapse happens, chronic disease patients see the doctor and start another round of treatment. They keep fighting. They know that relapse happens and that may be more changes are needed.

Remembering these two tricks will help you feel better. Healthy feelings lead to healthy thoughts. These lead to beneficial actions in your recovery lifestyle. These are the only kind of head games to play.

Outside Games for your New Life

LifestyleExercise and other healthy activities will help you stay balanced in your recovery lifestyle. With your doctor’s help, plan a new exercise routine that will keep you focused on staying sober. Exercise routines help both your body and your mind in this recovery lifestyle.

Learning to relax can balance your exercise routine. It can help you avoid the stress that can cause a relapse. Meditation can help calm your mind and anxiety about the future and even open your mind to new possibilities.

Nutrition and Rest – Recovery Lifestyle Treats

A new hobby of cooking not only replaces terrible habits but can lead to better nutrition. When you eat right, your body will thank you for replacing old cravings with thoughts of better food. Learn about healthy eating as part of your recovery lifestyle, and you will find yourself feeling better all around.

It is also essential to get the right amount of sleep. Make sure your recovery includes about 8 hours of sleep each night. A cup of chamomile tea and gentle stretching can help maintain a regular bedtime routine.

Other activities to include in your recovery lifestyle have new hobbies, like cooking or gardening. Serving in your community or church is an excellent way to give back. Serving also brings connection with other people who can support you. Taking classes in the city is a perfect way to meet new friends.

New Life, New Friends

Sometimes giving up an addiction can feel like you are a crab in a bucket- you’re trying to get out, but all the other crabs keep pulling you back. Your recovery lifestyle must include new friends who can support you.

tripWhere to Start

All of these changes need support. If you need to get started in a new life and need guidance in a recovery lifestyle, there are people to help.  Call today at 385-421-5400. Or reach us by clicking HERE