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Living with physical pain can feel impossible, but we can help. Our team of medical experts is trained in finding ways of offering you relief from the pain that keeps you from living a fulfilling life you desire. Whether you are just discovering more about how this pain is affecting your life or have lived with this struggle for years, we are ready and waiting to help you get back to your true self. Stop living with pain and start your new life with us today.

Chronic Pain

We are invested in showing compassion to those who struggle with persistent pain caused by inflammation or dysfunctional nerves. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain are more likely to use substances like prescription drugs or alcohol to help deal with the pain, which can be very addictive. Our center has an array of alternative pain relief options  such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, and yoga.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Through Olympus Healing Clinic, we use FDA-approved Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to assist clients as they continue their treatment journey. Medication Assisted Treatment uses medications and diverse therapies including Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol, and naltrexone to help improve each individual’s quality of life.

Medication Management

Medication management is a level of outpatient treatment that involves the initial evaluation of the patient’s need for psychotropic medications, the provision of a prescription, and ongoing medical monitoring related to the patient’s use of the medication by a qualified prescriber.

Wellness Check

WIth a licensed medical practitioner onsite, we provide routine medical care to our clients.  From physicals to bloodwork, we provide the level of care our clients need throughout their time at Olympus Healing Center.

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