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Domestic Violence:

Our Domestic Violence class is an educational program that is usually court ordered. This class is to help individuals reduce abuse and violence. By teaching innovative techniques we offer tools to help people manage their anger and handle situations efficiently.


DUI classes are mandatory for individuals who have been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. The severity of the DUI determines the amount of hours & coursework that are required. Our instructors usually go over alcohol education, DUI laws, responsible driving, and more. It’s important to be proactive with a DUI charge and complete the required hours that are expected because it could be a benefit.

Theft Class:

Theft awareness class is offered at Olympus Healing Center and can be completed at our facility. This class is offered to those who have been ordered by the court, judge, parole officer, probation officer, state or county to complete. We are aware that there are certain hours that are required for each individual. Our center tracks the required hours which are ordered.

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