Individuals with addiction or substance abuse disorders can be more inclined to have problems in their career, health, relationships, and other areas of their life. With continuous use, substances begin to rewire the brain, creating distorted thinking patterns that can negatively affect their behavior, judgment, decision making, and memory. Causes of addiction are many, including genetics, environmental factors, and mental health. Our facility has innovative programs to help individuals recover for a lifetime.

Group Therapy

Addiction is a disease lived through isolation.  In recovery being able to have a therapeutic community to relate to can make all the difference.  One method we use is group therapy.  Clients are able to come together and discuss common issues and stresses.  In these settings they are able to relate to one another and build trust with each other and the group facilitators.  It gives them the ability to work together to help find ways to reframe their lives and build a more stable foundation for life as well as learning the importance of community.

Individual Therapy

We as human beings are naturally social. Communicating and using talk therapy can help resolve thinking and behavioral issues. Private sessions with therapists have been proven to be helpful with additional support, or to discuss personal issues that they may not feel comfortable addressing in a group setting. Some Clients may need individual counseling based on comorbid disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and  etc


IOP allows clients to maintain their day to day life outside of treatment for those not needing supervision or detoxification. Olympus Healing Center provides an intensive outpatient program using a holistic approach designed to help those struggling with addiction. Our alternative therapies are beneficial to an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. We offer participants the ability to meet for eight hours of group therapy and one hour of individual therapy per week.

Recovery Maintenance

Recovery maintenance helps clients create a life plan that includes life goals, self-care, support groups, and experiential activities that can help maintain their recovery. Our facility wants to give our resources to clients who are wanting to make a change in their life and to benefit them with support and direction.  Whether it is writing or outdoor recreation, we offer many modalities to help clients find new ways to cope with life stressors and emotions that may come up regularly throughout the week.  We also offer Medication assisted treatments for patients still struggling with cravings from years of substance abuse.  Recovery maintenance looks different for each individual.  Here at Olympus Healing Center we specialize in meeting the clients where they are to customize a treatment plan that works for them.

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